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February 22, 2013
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“Hey, Ludwig.  What're you doing?” you asked as you peeked at him over his fence.  You were about to head into town and had noticed the German in his front yard.  He was wearing a black muscle shirt and knee-length shorts; his clothes did nothing to hide the muscular body underneath.

“Oh, hallo, _____.  I'm picking dandelions to make coffee vith.”  (a/n: see Hetalia Beautiful World episode 1).  He placed a few of the weeds in a wooden basket, then stood up and wiped his forehead before brushing his hands through his sleek blond hair.

“That's neat.  Here, I'll help you pick.”  You had a crush on your blond-haired, blue-eyed neighbour and jumped at every opportunity to spend time with him.

“Zhank you.”

As you were picking the weeds, you fondly thought back to a childhood memory.  “Dandelions used to be all over our yard.  I would pick them for my mom and dad when I was little, thinking they were pretty flowers.”

He chuckled and tossed his handful in the basket.  “Zhat's sweet.”

“Obviously, by now I know they're a weed.  But they're still kinda pretty, don't you think?”  You twirled a small yellow dandelion in front of him.

Instead of looking at the plant, his clear blue eyes fixed on you.  He answered with a simple, “Yes.”  Then he took the dandelion from your hand and placed it in your (h/c) hair.  You blushed and he cleared his throat.  “Vould you like to come in and try some coffee?”

You wrinkled your nose.  “I don't know.  I still remember the awful bitter taste of dandelions.  I used to bite my nails when I was little, and after picking dandelions...well, you know.  I've hated the taste since.”

He smirked at you, an expression with which, coming from him, you were unfamiliar.  “Is zhat so.”

“W-what's that look for?  Ludwig?”

He stood up and towered over you.  “I just so happen to have dandelion juice all over my hands.”

You gulped and narrowed your eyes at him.  “You wouldn't.”

“I zhink I vould, frau.”

“Nooooo, Ludwig!” you shouted as he chased after you through his front yard.  You shrieked and laughed when he grabbed you and pulled you into a bear hug.  You should have known you couldn't outrun him.  He chuckled evilly as he wiped his fingers on your neck and cheeks.  You struggled against his grip.  “Stop it!  Gross!”  He finally relented his attack, but not before some juice got on your lips.  You scrunched your eyes shut and jumped up and down.  “You got some on my mouth, you jerk!  Get it off, get it off!”

“S-sorry, frau I didn't mean to.”  He turned toward the bowl of water he had brought outside, but it had overturned during your roughhousing and sat empty in some mud.  You were still squirming where you stood.  “Hold still.”  You felt his warm hands cup your cheeks and then his lips covered yours.  Your eyes flew open and your heart pounded in your chest.  His lips were surprisingly soft as they pressed against yours.  He quickly parted and took a few steps back.  You noticed his hair was slightly ruffled from running around and his bangs hung over his eyes.  His voice cracked as he spoke.  “Did I get it all?”

You blinked at him, stunned, and pressed your lips together.  “I missed a spot.”

His cheeks turned pink as you stepped closer to him.  “Really?”

“Yup.  Definitely.”  You wrapped your arms around his middle and gazed up at him.

“In zhat case...”  He pressed his lips to yours, more confident this time.  He broke away quickly, to your dismay, but he kissed the corners of your mouth slowly and grazed his lips across your chin before returning to kiss you deeply on the lips.  He wrapped his arms around your waist and gripped the back of your shirt tightly, pulling you closer.

Your head was swimming, and your knees felt weak.  You breathed in the scent of his sun-warmed skin and traced your hands over the back of his toned shoulders.  He tore away from your mouth and brushed his lips over a cheek, then tipped your face back so he could nibble on your chin before trailing down your neck.  “Have I got it all, now?”  He gazed into your (e/c) eyes, his face inches from yours.  You could feel his hot breath fan your cheeks.

“I-I think so.”  You tapped your fingers on his broad chest.  “How about that coffee, now?”

His eyebrows furrowed.  “I zhought you didn't like zhe taste.”

“Well, now I associate the taste of dandelions with your kisses.  It's all your fault, really.”

“Oh, really?  My fault?”

You giggled and escaped his arms before running into his house, the German man on your heels.
Title says it all. I wanted to bring out his playful side.
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jkt260 Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Omg beautiful world needs to be on DVD I haven't even seen season 4 in the one with Prussia on the cover wweh (I don't remember which. It wasn't axis tho)
sonichetaliafan97 Feb 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Fortheloveofchaos Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconhandspazzplz: :iconjapanpastaplz: :iconitssofluffyplz: I cannot hit the favorite button enough times 0_0
09 STOP BLUSHING STOP BLUSHING, MY BROTHER IS WALKING OVER!! But really... This is so sweet! :groove: revamp
flyingmintbunny2013 Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Ze fluff.... i'm turning into big brother france -//////-
And fluff .........
The awesomnes .....................
jkt260 Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Much sparkle wow
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